1 One-On-One Meru Matu Included - Quantum Astrology Course

Quantum Astrology Course with Meru Matu

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About Program

This option includes 1 live hour long session with Meru Matu in addition to the examination session at the end of the course

Learn Quantum Sun Soul Astrology by Meru Matu directly from the source.

This six week online course will include access to all educational videos and written material to help you expand where ever you are now in your present state of astrological knowledge. From beginner to advanced, your time learning from Meru will help evolve you to the next level.

Learn the quantum interpretation of the entire natal chart with planets (direct and retrograde), houses, signs, aspects, patterns and degrees. You will learn to read full charts if you are unable to at this time and you will take a quantum leap in your interpretations if you already are a practicing astrologer. 

You will have one session with Meru at the end of the 6 weeks in order to do a test reading with her (of a chart that she will provide) to qualify as a 1st Level Certified Astrologer through Sun Soul Astrology.