July 2018 Transits

Transit Videos 2018

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About Program

Part 1:

*Chiron Retrograde in Aries at 2 Degrees

*Mars Retrograde in Aquarius opposite Mercury in Leo at 8 degrees

*Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio trine Sun conjunct Sirius in Cancer at 13 degrees

*Venus enters Virgo

*Star of David aspect pattern with Grand Water Trine and Grand Earth Trine

Part 2:

*Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio at 13 degrees

Degree Interpretation for Part 1 and 2:

*Aries 2 Degrees

*Aquarius 8 Degrees

*Leo 8 Degrees

*Scorpio 13 Degrees

*Cancer 13 Degrees

*Virgo 0 Degrees

Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

*July 12, 2018 7:48pm PST at 20'41 of Cancer

Degrees read:

*Cancer 20 degrees (Sun and Moon)

*Capricorn 20 degrees (Pluto Rx)

Part 3:

*Sun enters Leo

*North Node in Leo opposite Mars Retrograde in Aquarius at 5 degrees

*Grand Fire Trine/ Grand Kit in Masculine Energy

*Mercury Retrograde in Leo at 23 degrees

*Uranus in Taurus square the Sun in Leo at 2 degrees

Degree Interpretation for Part 3:

*Leo 0 Degrees

*Leo 23 Degrees

*Leo 5 Degrees

*Leo 2 Degrees

*Taurus 2 Degrees

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Coming before July 1st... Uploading now as of July 1st at 8:37pm PST Check back in a hour or two to see if its ready.