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Lisa Curry

Part 3- Holy Shit- you were speaking to me the whole time as it relates to what’s about to go down on Jan 12—-An unexpected, out of left field meeting with someone who possibly offers an opportunity to grow financially, work independently out of matrix grip,move to another state, and gain #freedom in so many ways.....with that thought/possible offer, come many questions, emotions, energies....thanks for this video. I applied all you said to prepping for tomorrow.


Transit part 3 this is a game this is real not a game...song: silent running can you hear your destiny calling you ?

Lisa Curry

The pair of shoes meant to RUN!!!!😂😂😂 Am I the only one who watches transit videos?🤔

Renee Raynor

Hell NO Lisa. Just so much going on with my chart, I feel like I have been hit with a stun gun! Anyway, I do want to compliment you are your newest pic! You are beautious! You look refreshed and ready to kick some butt

Lisa Curry

Thank you!!!🎉🎆

Amber Bates

No!😂🥰 I watch everything I just don’t always comment before I get distracted lol. Love love reading everyone’s comments and it’s definitely on my radar to comment more. I get wrapped up in my notes and then my brain is into something else before I follow through. So time for me to slow it down and just write. Lol ❤️ Thanks for the reminder 🤩